How do we do this?

So we have this techie we keep in a dark corner of the office and we yank him out whenever a client want to move to Linuxweb. Don't worry, it happens often enough that he gets the required sunshine.

He is so skilled, that he may even get your emails over to us as well, well he was mumbeling but we are pretty sure we hear cPanel and email in there somewhere.

Let's do this!

Please Fill out your first name
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People Powered

Your website move is monitored by real live people, not some mubo-jumbo techno robot. We do admit its mysterious, but your site backup, transfer and restore is full managed by that techie we keep talking about. It's his passion and he will take care of it like its his own. Just don't feed him.

Fast & Painless

Besides supplying some essential information, you will hardly notice any difference in your work-flow, how long it takes really depends on how big the site is. We will make use of Teamviewer, to check your email software is accepting our server settings.

We are doing all the work

Once you have filled out the form we will be in contact to get access to current website's login details. The you sit back and relax while we transfer your files, images, database and whatever else we have agreed upon. In certain cases, we can transfer all emails and email forwarders that are in place.

Any Site, Anywhere

We don't limit ourselves to just a control panel based transfer, we can transfer you site the old fashioned way (pre internet) if we must. and if for some reason we can't transfer your website, we will give you a full refund.

Personalised Service

If you are uncertain about anything or any step in the process, we will love to chat. In summer we chat over an ice-cream and in winter we chat over a cappuccino or hot chocolate. You can also read more in our terms of service

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