Our Culture

We believe in families, not only our family, but yours as well. Without a strong family bond, we believe, we cannot work efficiently. So we like to do things together, but to also ensure you get your family time in as well. We like babies too! So we like it if mom brings baby to work. We are always about animals!

We strive for a open culture, where we eat work and play together, we prefer ability over experience and so we love to give a chance and build your career where everyone else wants experience yet not willing to give that to you.

We like great music as well, beards and of course our in-house brewed beer, oh yeah, you get to brew beer when we get a chance.

Rules for Work

We have been trying to figure out exactly what these rules would be... Nothing, zip, nada, heikona.

At Linuxweb we explicitly protect ourselves from the spontaneous eruption of rules

  • It does not matter what time you get to work or what time you leave
  • You can work from where you feel you will be the most productive
  • We will never implement any sort of expectation around what you wear, but we do maintain all rights to mock your collection of hipster beanies.
  • Work happens anywhere, collaboration happens here, in the office we call home

The consequence of this non policy simply means that your work will have to speak for itself. It's not about facetime, or racing to the office to be here by 8am or a competition to see who can leave the latest. It;'s the deliverables that matter

If you want to coast, then we suggest you look elsewhere

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